Slim Tea Garcinia Extracts Premix


Roots & Stems Slim Tea Garcinia Extracts Premix | Instant Tea with Probiotics for Weight Loss Garcinia Instant Tea Box
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Roots & Stems Garcinia Slim Tea helps speed up weight loss, reduce appetite, boost exercise endurance, use it for diabetes, cancer, diarrhea, constipation, block fat production and reduce belly fat, Inflammation, Decreasing Insulin levels. Helps in controlling blood sugar, Boosts digestive process, releases happy hormones, Controls the cholesterol in the body, protect against stomach ulcers, Improves cardiovascular health, Boosts energy, Detoxifies the body, Strengthens the bones, Helps in inducing sleep. Green Tea Contains healthy bioactive compounds and Antioxidants. It improves brain function, fat burning, lowers the risk of some cancer types, protects the brain from aging, reduces bad breath, helps prevent type 2 diabetes, prevents cardiovascular disease.


Brand Roots & Stems
Type Instant Tea
Model Name Slim Tea Garcinia Extracts Premix | Instant Tea with Probiotics for Weight Loss
Quantity 40 Sachets
Pack Of 2
Flavor Garcinia
Tea Form Powder
Container Type Box
Maximum Shelf Life 12 – 18 Months
Dietary Preference No Cholesterol
Nutrient Content NA
Ingredients Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Tea
Manufactured By Walley Wish

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20 Sachet (1 Box), 40 Sachets (2 Boxes), 60 Sachets (3 Boxes), 80 sachets (4 Boxes)

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